Advocating for Maine's Children Since 1994

Family Economic Security

Children live in families, families live in communities, and communities make up our great state—all are dependent upon each other’s success. With responsible planning today, we can create an economy that reflects our values, ensures good paying jobs for Maine workers, and provides healthy futures for our children.

When our children and families thrive, our communities, and state thrives, which is why it is so it is essential that Maine’s economy offers everyone the opportunity to move in the same direction. Research tells us that child health and well-being improves when a family income increases and family economic security stabilizes, as families face fewer challenges providing for their children’s needs. This is why we work to make sure Maine children and families have access to resources, systems and structures to help Maine families get out, and stay out of poverty.

To protect family economic security in Maine, the Maine Children’s Alliance promotes:

  • Increasing the number of reliable, good-paying jobs;
  • Improving access to safe and affordable housing; and,
  • Protecting anti-poverty programs with a proven record of success.


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