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KIDS Count

Maine Children's Alliance is known for being the source for data on kids in Maine. We compile and supply that data through KIDS COUNT.

Maine Children's Alliance is part of a national KIDS COUNT network of organizations—funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF)—tracking data on the status of children across the United States.

Each year, Maine Children's Alliance compiles the most current and reliable data available pertaining to the physical, social, economic and educational well-being of Maine's children, youth and families. Since 1994, we have been publishing this data in the MAINE KIDS COUNT Data Book. This comprehensive resource includes county-by-county breakdowns and other valuable insights into the current status of Maine kids.

Maine Children's Alliance also joins with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to issue the NATIONAL KIDS COUNT Data Book each year, which measures a number of indicators of child well-being for all 50 states. The national and state-by-state data can be accessed through AECF's KIDS COUNT Data Center, which includes detailed figures on such topics as education, employment, health and poverty.

By compiling this data and making it widely available, we hope to increase public awareness of the status of children across the state, to enrich discussions among concerned citizens and policymakers, and to support advocacy to secure a better future for all of Maine's children.